Welcome to my Vintage Cars colletibles webshop!

This webshop contain items of vintage car collectibles from a private collection. The collection belonged to my father. His ”Porsche merits” included starting the Swedish Porsche 356 club and being their chairman for many years. He was also arranger of several international Porsche 356 meetings in Sweden. Most items are Porsche related but there’s also plenty of Renault and VW stuff and a few other items as well.

The automatic shipping cost calculator is now updated but most items still don’t have any weight registered so  the normal shipping cost of 10€ (world wide) is for items below 0.5 kg right now.

I remove any bought items from the shop so what you see in the shop is available.

You can, for whatever reason, return a bought item within 30 days to get a complete refund (minus the shipping cost).

NOTICE 1: I’ve added english, german and french car magazines published before 1980. However I have thousands of more magazines from 1980-2005. Also thousands of swedish magazines 1950-2005. Please ask if you’re looking for something special.

NOTICE 2: I discovered hundreds of swedish rally and racing programs especially around 1960s and haven’t added all here yet. Please ask if you’re searching for something special.

If you join the mailing list (below) I will notify you when I’ve added a lot of new or special items.


17 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. Good morning
    I would like to buy your Renault sighn 100 x 60 cm 135 euro
    We have a very good relation with DHL Euro shipping, so I will be able to mejl you
    a transportdukument for them to pick up at your site, after payment !

    Please send account for payment and pick up adress
    Best regards
    Jan Malmgren
    Wittserod 192
    24397 Hallarod
    mal@sweflight.com or jan@movipro.com
    +46 705 622862

  2. Dear Sir,

    I would like to buy 1989 Mobil 1 Rally Challange VHS. We do not have Paypal here in Turkey anymore. Do you accept credit cards ?


    Gokhan Saracoglu

    1. Hi Gokhan,
      Thanks for your interest.
      I think you could pay with your credit card if you don’t have a PayPal account.
      Please try it and let me know if it doesn’t work.

  3. Hi – I am interested in buy the Sport Auto December 1977 magazine with two VW Golfs on the cover. Not clear how to do this.

    1. Hi,
      Just add the product with “Add to cart” and proceed to the checkout. Then, describe the issue you want in the “Order notes” field.
      I know which issue you want so you don’t need to do put anything in the “Order notes” this time.
      Please note that the shipping cost (10€) of just one magazine is more than the cost of the magazine itself (3€).

  4. I would like to buy Dunlop alloy Renault wheels, but how much is the freight to Australia? Regards, Greg

    1. Every wheel is about 5kg so unfortunately it’s too expensive to ship to Australia (about 200€).

  5. Hi, would like the Dunlop Renault alloy wheels. Would need the size though. Are they 14 or 13 inch and what is the bolt pattern please? Genuinely interested! How much would shipping to germany be? Can fand out if you send me a postcode. Kind regards! Torsten, healey@web.de

    1. Hi Torsten,
      The outer diameter is 39.4cm which I guess is closer to 15″?
      The bolt pattern is a triangle with three bolts and the distance between the (center of the) holes are 13 cm. Please let me know if you want other measures.
      Shipping cost to germany for all for wheels is about 120€.

  6. Nice things here, but it feels strange that I cannot find any personal info, not about You the seller, or the shop who is selling these items.
    Or, I did not looked good enough……

    1. Hi Kurt,
      Thanks for visiting the webshop. There’s some info on the welcome page but maybe you’re looking for something special?
      Anyway, it’s an online-only shop in Sweden with items from my father’s collection of mostly vintage Porsche items.
      Feel free to ask questions about items directly to me at vintageporschesale@gmail.com.

  7. Are the listed prices on your web-site US currency or is there a conversion after the sale?

    1. Hi, when you pay with Paypal the (euro) currency of the price will be automatically converted to your local currency.

  8. Hello,
    I have interest in the 1973 Porsche wins Watkins Glen poster. However, there is no “add to cart” option. Are you still selling and shipping to the US?

    1. Yes, it’s still available and I can ship it to the US. If you’re still interested and still have problem with the add-to-cart (try another web browser could solve it) you can always contact me directly at vintageporschesale@gmail.com
      Best Regards
      Jesper Alsed

  9. Hello. I intend to buy a tachometer alfa Romeu that you have for sale. Can you tell me if your shipment is within Europe? I’m from Portugal.

    1. Hello, sorry for this late reply.
      If you add the item (tachometer) to the shopping cart (Add to cart) and then continue to the Checkout you’ll see the shipping cost. Should the actual shipping cost be less than what’s estimated we’ll refund the difference.

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