I’m a swedish private collector of older Apple and Amiga computers since a few years back now. I’ve always been interested in Apple computers since I as a child had the chance to befriend an Apple II europlus, which really came to change my life. Later came the amazing Commodore Amiga. I also spent many years with Windows machines but returned to Apple again.
For me, computers has always been the ultimate creative tool I use to create music, film, graphics and, as a programmer, software.

The stuff for sale on this site is usually in good condition and cleaned and working if nothing else is specified.
Right now I just have a few computers listed so send me an email to tell me what you’re looking for (mostly pre-90s Apple computers).
I’m also looking for other Apple collectors nearby to exchange stuff & experience with.

I could be contacted at vintageporschesale@gmail.com

Note: You can, for whatever reason, return a bought item within 30 days to get a complete refund (minus the shipping cost).

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