Binder with a lot of Porsche road tests from the 60s magazines



This binder has a lot of stuff but mostly road tests and performance tests of Porsche from various magazines from the 60s. All original of course.

I’ve counted to 18 tests and there are also some old advertisements etc.

This is some of the stuff included:

Porsche 912/5. Car and Driver Road test. 1965. (Two of these).
Porsche 1600-S. Car and Driver Road test. 1965.
Porsche 911S. Sports Car Graphic – Road test. 1967.
Porsche 912. Sports Car Graphic – Road test. 1965.
Porsche Six Engine. 1966.
Porsche 911. Sports Car Graphic – Road test. 1965.
Porsche 911&912. Sports Car Graphic. Drivers report. 1965.
Porsche 911S. Car and Drive Road test. 1967.
VW Porsche 914.
Porsche 911 Automatically. Sports Car Graphic – Road test. 1968.
Toughest Porsche. Sports Car Graphic – Drivers report. 1968.
Porsche 911 T. Motor Racing and Sportscar. 1969.
Porsche 912. Autocar Road Test.
Porsche 911 S. Autocar Road Test.
Porsche 912. AutoMotorSport test. 1966.
Porsche 911 E, 911 S. AutoMotorSport test 1968.
Porsche 911T. Autotest. Autocar. 1970.
Porsche 911T. AutoMotorSport – test.