Vintage Apple and Amiga


Yes... I still like those old 8-bit computers and early 16-bit ones that I grew up with. They had so much personality and charm - far from all the boring PCs from the 90s.

Until recently many of those old outdated computers were thrown away. Unfortunately a lot of rarities disappeared before people realized their historic (and nostalgic!) value. My collection of vintage computers consist of computers I’ve owned at one point or that I consider to be of historic importance. Most of them are from the seventies and eighties with a few exceptions from the early nineties.

I try to keep them all in working order as parts are getting harder and harder to find. It’s still possible to fix most of them with some basic knowledge of  electronic components (and of course also the knowledge of how to operate them) but fixing them isn’t really my main interest. Anyway, I’m happy to say that most of the computers in the collection are clean, complete and works  excellent!

I’m always interested in getting rid of duplicates and to get missing models so contact me if you have something to offer.

I’ve just made another site for the vintage computers I have for sale. Take a look HERE

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